Association Reghin

The laws of humanity in service of God!

"Thou shalt love thy neighbour
as thyself!" (Matthew 22,39)

Welcome to our website!

The Beneficiaries of our work :

Children who have suffered abuse in one form or another, children exploited through work, poor families, women forced into having an abortion or in abandoning their children, people with hearing loss or speech impediment, alcoholics and poor children with special talents.

Would you like to solve all of your problems? Well you can’t do it by yourself. Try to help others with problems and god will be on your side!

Yes!...this is the Church that you belong to! A Church for the unfortunate, for those who suffer. A Church of the Resurrection! Servants don’t burry the two gold coins they receive from their master, they multiple them so they have resources to help the brothers who fell.


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