Association Reghin

The laws of humanity in service of God!

"Thou shalt love thy neighbour
as thyself!" (Matthew 22,39)


Giving you will receive!

Philanthropy is faith working through love in the interest of the fellow man in distress.
It is part of the Church’ being. It is the right hand of the Archbishopric in this Samaritan work.
Under the spiritual patronage and with direct help from the Romanian Orthodox Archbishopric of Alba Iulia, we try together to emphasize the true dimension of helping the fellow man, which is love for the people.
The Association „Orthodox Philanthropy Alba Iulia” – branch Reghin, founded in 2003, is a Christian Orthodox association for community development, philanthropic, non-governmental, without political aims and non-discriminatory regarding confession; it acts in order to develop and promote social services offered in Christian spirit to those in need, locally and at the district level.

The association functions with the blessing of His Holiness Andrei, Archbishop of Alba Iulia, who is also President of Honour.



Council Board
Pr. Dumitru Gherman – prezident
Prof. Peter Schuller – vice-president
Eng. Emil Farago - vice-president
Alina Gherman - secretary
Eng. Vasile Ormenisan – treasurer
Dr. Monica Cocisiu - member
Dir. Violeta Olteanu - member
Dir. Pop Leon - member
Ec. Gavril Danciu - censor

Executive Manager
Pr. Dimitrie Gherman

Executive Board
Pr. Alexandru Ionescu – Department for Public Relations
Social Assistant Stela Giurgiu - Department for Programs and Projects

Nurse Corina Varodi – Department for Human Resources
Maria Şulea - Department for Finance and Accountancy

It is said that, giving to the poor, you lend to God. God gave us life. Is there anything else that we can call ours? Yes! We have love! We can give it to God, to our families, to our fellow men, to the whole world.

Indifference kills! Love saves! Let’s be on the same side of the barricade and not miss the chance to do the good.